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Our SPEED ,CSR INCUBATOR & HOPEKART brings much required transformative ideas, initiative, programs based on felt needs to solve socio economic challenges with lasting impact.

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GDP Foundation Targeting Sustainable Development Goals for a sustainable world.

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GDP Foundation Supporting and Empowering Rural youth of India

Let’s think rural & youth

Tick tock. Tick tock. The clock is ticking and the rural youth. our demographic dividend, is getting restless. Every year lacs of young minds graduate with the hope of a decent livelihood. But in their lives. migration and endless struggles and sacrifices is the common denominator.

Yes. there are initiatives. programs and projects chalked out for Rural youth empowerment. But most of them are piece meal and limited to urban areas. causing ever increasing divide and polarization. Rural India has been underestimated time and again.

It’s time to relook at young rural India with a fresh mindset

Bharat = India

It’s time to rethink ways to make our Bharat equal to India. For which rural India needs a quality ecosystem in the Agriculture. Healthcare & Education sector. GDP Foundation aims to build social entrepreneurship of rural youth, reinvent CSR and facilitate large-scale community integration. The foundation has been consistently successful in all its initiatives. Now is the time for traction and scaling up. This is possible only with your partnering. support and contribution.

It’s time to hit the reset button.
Let’s rebuild the world together..

GDP Foundation offering quality ecosystem in the Agriculture, Healthcare & Education sector

A Trust with a strong foundation & well-charted road map.

GDP Foundation is not an NGO. It is a trust promoted by professionals with an impeccable track record supported by partners who hold expertise in Branding /loT and backed by an Executive Parivartan Board comprising industry stalwarts and senior bureaucrats. In a short span. GDP Foundation has built indigenous models for Making Social Systems Work.

With our expertise. experience and innovation we are redefining CSR and Philanthropy to create a sustainable demand and activating rural youth. self-help groups and NGOs to create a supply. And we need your helping hand to achieve our goals.

Society needs Business
Business Needs a Society
We Facilitate this alliance

Today, we need social startups that help us to think beyond profits. We need CSR for welfare-based development. We want the community’s involvement to progress during calamities like a pandemic. In short, we need businesses that care for society.

The GDP Foundation, as a Trust, helps society stay happy, grow and develop with such ventures. The Foundation’s three pillars that make it happen need your support.

Foundation's Three Pillars

A Social Platform for Engagement & Entrepreneurship Development for building, testing, and refining social entrepreneurship ideas.
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A unique, innovative, pioneering platform for curating CSR ideas for industries, corporate, media houses, philanthropists, NGOs who want to create a research-based positive and sustainable impact.
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Large scale community based, community paced and business ecosystem oriented platform in which community integrates its diversity and wisdom to make ‘Local go Global’

We make social systems work

Building a sustainable ecosystem is the key to a better tomorrow. We at the GDP Foundation have the required expertise and an impeccable track record. Also, our partners are domain experts. So by clubbing our strengths together, we assure high ROI in building tomorrow’s sustainable venture.

Our Partners

Promising Robust IT Support &
System Integration

Demerg Technical Partner with GDP Foundation

Designing Creative
Media Solutions

Creative Partner of GDP Foundation

Organization Capacity & Capabilities –
Growth & Development.

Growth & Development Partner

We are creating the next big Social Startups
Partner with us to turn them into Sustainable Ventures

We offer a unique model of combining technology partnerships, designing solutions and workforce evaluation with the capabilities of the entrepreneur. Combining state-of-the-art services with access to a global ecosystem allows us to create the next big startup or product. With your helping hand, we can surely build tomorrow’s big enterprises.

GDP Foundation's SPEED service for social startupsGDP Foundation's CSR Incubators for welfare based developmentGDP Foundation's HOPE-KART for large scale community based services

GDP Foundation Creating Tomorrow's Big Entrepreneurs

Let’s connect to make
social systems work

We leverage the inherent skills, which enables us to unleash a social entrepreneur’s core competencies to the fullest. We love to experiment, innovate and create a unique differentiation for every idea. Together we can create opportunities and develop livelihood for communities. Connect with us.

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