Covid-19 has raised a million question related to our existence. But at the same time, it has triggered many bright minds to go back to the drawing board and sketch ideas that can make our world a better place.

GDP Foundation gives these creative highbrows all the confidence they need to chase their dream project. That's because we see immense potential in every idea. And so do you. So let;s collaborate.



Amidst the COVID-19 led lockdown, the GDP Foundation along with local startups, Demerg Systems, Internship Station and
Goa Bylane conducted the 'Parivartan Karo Na' contest.

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Parivartan Karo Na- Breakthrough in a lockdown

An initiative which aims at making this world a better place and builds a platform for economic revival opportunities for the State at large.

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Robust response to Parivartan Karo Na contest

Goans responded enthusiastically to the Parivartan Karo Na contest aimed at encouraging residents to rebound from the lockdown, reports Team B&C

In the midst of the coronavirus ordered lockdown, the GDP Foundation and three local startups Demerg Systems, Internship Station and Goa Bylane, teamed up to conduct an unusual contest Parivartan Karo Na contest.

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GDP Foundation initiates Parivartan Karo Na to boost Goa

Parivartan Karo Na, a contest-cum-internship, is an initiative by Growth and Development Platform Foundation to encourage Goans to think of simple, smart and superior sustainable solutions. NT BUZZ gets you the details

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