GDP FoundationMaking Social systems deliver….

GDP Foundation (Growth & Development Platform) is one of its kind Trust. This Trust is a spiritual, intellectual, emotional and social culmination of various initiatives undertaken by our decade-old consulting firm Ideaz Unlimited.

Ideaz Unlimited is an enterprise that gave Goa many firsts to cherish. Some of them are:

• Goa’s first Goa CSR Awards – 2008
• HOPE – an initiative to revive Goan artists and art forms – 2012
• 364 Days of Transformation Awards – 2016

GDP Foundation aims at promoting cultural collaboration and speeding up the working of community services. It aims at creating social startups and entrepreneurs fueled with instruments of CSR and philanthropy.

Our focus is clear – build a business ecosystem in healthcare, education and agriculture for the youth. And we have delivered on all fronts. Explains why the community, corporates, association and the Government trust us.


  1. Built 5 social startups using social systems delivery, a unique method indigenously designed by GDP Foundation.
  2. Launched first of its kind Foundation Course in Palliative Care in collaboration with Pallium India and Dilasa in which 53 Goan UG students successfully qualified.
  3. Launched an Entrepreneurship cell for Divyang in collaboration with Sanjay School.
  4. NGO assessment and development instrument is almost complete.
  5. Invited by Goa University & Directorate of Higher Education as a Strategic Partner for SBSI (Swachh Bharat Student Internship program) covering 28 colleges.
  6. Parivartan karona which built 98 hi-potential social interventions.
  7. Talking Talukas –Rural youth rising 65o plus teams -36 hi-potential social ventures (Agri ,Education & healthcare)
  8. “The Philanthropist” –research journal