In the words of the noted environmentalist and conversationalist Sir David Attenborough,

Surely we have a responsibility to leave for future generations a planet that is healthy and habitable by all species.’ All great thinkers, humanitarians like Mahatma Gandhi whose birthday the country celebrated today believed in creating a healthy, sustainable ecosystem, where the benefits were felt across cross-sections.

The Gandhian model of growth and development relied on human values and not necessarily just economics. He presented the ‘human face of development’ with focus on a balanced mind and soul. He broadened the definition from economics to strong moral values entrenched in equality, liberty and dignity in the people.

Ghosh (2007) elaborates that the Gandhian model included human development (including moral development) for capability expansion, development in a balanced way through manual and intellectual labour (development of body, mind and soul), development with social justice, rights and freedom, attainment of self-sufficiency and self-reliance through rural development and reduction in poverty through the generation of additional income and employment.

It is true that today in a country that is expected to have 34.33% share of youth in total population by 2020 old systems and focus on mere economics will not work. The lacuna between the education and the industry is growing by the day. In order to bridge this gap, and drawing inspiration from the Mahatma’s sustainable, all round approach to development;

Enter GDP…

What is GDP?

Not to be confused with Gross Domestic Product, GDP now acquires a whole new meaning with  the Growth Development Platform (GDP). It aims to make social systems work by working closely with the industry stakeholders and hand holding the fresh entrants into the work force or business. GDP acts a “Integrator – Facilitator- Assessor –Influencer” to  bridge over the trouble waters every industry ,business firms ,NGO’s ,civil society ,educational institutes (UG/PG students) ,SHG  faces.

Growth and Development Programs


SPEED (Social Platform for Engagement and Entrepreneurship Development) will build, test and refine social entrepreneurship ideas. As a platform it brings a combined formidable experience in business consultancy, training and finance to reach out to UG /PG students, SHGs and industries /Business firms that can benefit from the expertise offered. This will create livelihood, entrepreneurial opportunities and CSR and minimal investment or borrowing.

SPEED offers simple streamlining of feedback from various bodies, track loopholes in the process. Given the experts roped into this initiative it is ready to serve with the best business practices, tool gathered tools, sharpened a technique and a competency based approach spread over 3 years to create industry and socio economic sensitised UG courses.

To limit the gap between what education is given and the industry requirements, GDP connects upcoming social entrepreneurs with their team of “GDP Samaritans” to provide participants with new tools, activities, and feedback opportunities, giving them more flexibility to refine their ideas, leading to better solutions and outcomes ,it also invites experts ,professionals, freelancers who want to selflessly contribute to GDP Foundation to register as “GDP Samaritans Club member”.


CSR is a loosely and overused term today. Experience tells us that it has not been consistently efficient and effective due to the lack of organised research. GDP launches CSR – INCUBATOR ,a unique ,innovative ,pioneering Platform for curating CSR ideas for industries ,corporate, Media houses, Philanthropists ,NGO’s who want to create a research based  positive ,sustainable impact ,this incubator will  offer following Research opportunities in CSR, CSR Research publication support, Goa CSR awards revival, CSR projects on BOT model and CSR ideas and consultancy.

Industries ,Business firms ,Associations and Philanthropists are invited to register as “GDP Partners” and offer support to the ideas ,social projects curated by the GDP Foundation.  

Meet the Growth Drivers

Kishore M Shah: Founder & Director : ideaz unlimited

The brains behind the project, Kishore consolidates his pan industry experience in creating GDP. A brand in the training and consultancy space over the past two decades, he has pursued his passion for  Organization Development ,Talent analytics ,CEO coaching ,training teams and individuals reach their full potential.

As a mentor to innumerable starts ups he has helped young entrepreneurs build strong foundations for growth. Capacity building, creating a cohesive development model and giving back to society has driven Kishore to launch the Goa CSR awards, HOPE and now GDP Foundation.

Starting out he worked at Wipro /CMS Computers Ltd for a decade, before pursuing his passion in  the domain of consultancy. As OD consultant he has worked with renowned players from Cognizant, HSBC, MRF, Saint Gobain, Tata Group, M&M, Teva, Atlas Copco ,C-DAC , Sanofi, Lupin, Hella, KINECO Ltd , GIPARD, Unichem , Knorr Bremse ,Rehau Polymers ,Kimberly Clarke.

Kishore holds multiple degrees from B.E. (Electrical), PG Dip: HRM, PG Dip: Org.Studies, CPBA. He’s also Master Certified: Talent Analytics (Ohio). He is a regular columnist in leading dailies and has authored a book “365 days of Transformation”

In recognition for his contribution to the world he has been awarded the Business Goa Corporate Excellence award.  He also holds the Limca Book of Records  & India Book of records. 

Ameya Salatry : Founder Legal Minds LLP

The legal eagle in GDP, Ameya hones his pan global and national experience to offer GDP beneficiaries comprehensive legal advice. Over the decade he has worked in competitive environments like USA, Middle East and India.

On his return he founded Legal Minds LLP in the year 2015 offering a platform of in-depth multi layer legal services, legal management and corporate advisory services. His wide array of practice includes complex Corporate and Civil Litigation, Restructuring, Financial and Commercial Disputes, M&A and Real Estate/Conveyance matters.

His education background includes LLB from the prestigious Indian Law Society’s Law College, Pune and holds dual masters from University of Mumbai, Mumbai and Chicago-Kent College of Law, Chicago, United States.

Sandesh Prabhukhanolkar:  Founder KPT & Associates LLP

GDP’s young blood, Sandesh brings his expertise in finance to the team. His brings a stellar track record from completing his C.A from Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, New Delhi at 23 to working with NASDAQ listed American multinational company  that specialized in “Financial Planning & Analysis” offered him an exposure to global clients.

Apart from finance, his core competencies include creating winning presentations, projection & analysis of the financial statements. Along with his full-time practice he has delivered lectures on GST for Bankers, Trainees, and Commercial Tax Office Goa.

Prior to completing his CA, he is an alumnus at the Garware College of Commerce, Pune. He holds a from the University of Pune.

Parag Velusker : Sr. Professional HR

Over the course of his long career, Parag has been driving HR policies for major national and multi-national brands based in Goa. His vast background moves across sectors from pharma (Sanofi), medical (Manipal Hospital) to engineering and technology (Bosch). He current heads HR in Kineco Ltd.

With keen interest towards social causes through CSR & various socio-cultural activities he joins the team as Trustee. The law graduate with a Master’s in Business Administration from Goa University.