Our Partners

Demerg Systems is a global company and provides IT solutions to establishments around the world. It does not matter how big or small your problem is. Demerg Systems does whatever it takes to design the most optimum and cost-effective solution.

Formed in 2004, Demerg Systems provides IT services that are complemented by its excellent enterprise support.

Having established a strong competence in Web, eCommerce, Softwares & Document Digitization, Demerg Systems now focuses on Manufacturing Automation, Mobile and IoT solutions.

Ideaz Unlimited is a consulting firm which makes transformative changes in organizations and individuals through calibrated steps.

Goa Bylane is Goa’s very own Art, Culture & Lifestyle eChannel aimed at the welfare of Goan Communities. This channel aims to inspire, inform and entertain travelers by revealing to them the unseen hinterland of Goa. It is an invite to travel to the heart of picturesque Goa, discover the hidden jewels, meet interesting personalities, be a part of Goa’s age-old celebrations, get enthralled by the traditional occupations of the region, visit incredible places and find amazing things to do when in Goa.

In this process, Goa Bylane aims to give Goa’s local communities a platform to enhance their livelihood. Helping Goan Communities grow by revealing them to the world, that’s the aim of Goa Bylane.