About a year ago, at Business Goa: 10th anniversary celebration, the trustees, mentors and members of the advisory board of the magazine provided their valuable insights on Its journey. However, the story shared by Datta Damodar Naik impacted me the most! He spoke about the eagle, and how, after a certain age, It flies to a secluded place and reinvents itself through a very painful process, and yet, does not give up! It’s a test of its perseverance which almost culminates into rebirth – a second life for the eagle! At that polnt, little did we know that Mr Naik may have anticipated something for all of us or subtly hinted us that soon, all of us wilt use the anecdote that he shared for our personal and professional reinvention and revival which is also going to be used as a reference to build this article. Everyone speaks of CSR so It Is about time the concept of CSR Is revisited. What then is CSR?

The Global Context
There may not be a single universally accepted definition of CSR. Each definition that currently exists underpins the Impact that businesses have on society, the community at large and also the societal expectations of them. All the roots of CSR lie in philanthropic activities (such as donations, charity, relief work, etc) of corporations. Globally, the concept of CSR has evolved and presently encompasses all related concepts like the triple bottom line, corporate citizenship, strategic phllanthropy, shared value, sustalnabllity and responsibility.

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